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Compare Belden® Coaxial cables and the companies who produce them and you will discover the obvious: Belden has no equal. That’s because Belden Coaxial cables are time-tested for performance. Performance that guarantees outstanding value. Belden guarantees this level of performance because every cable is tested with equipment that simulates every known environmental and electrical performance condition. As a result, Belden Coaxial cable can be counted on for positive, reliable and trouble-free operation. Belden Coaxial cables are engineered in a wide selection of sizes and materials, with each offering the benefits needed for physical, electrical and cost-requirement applications. Cable choices include broadband, standard analog, precision video for analog and digital, bundled RGB, high-flex SVHS, video triax, conformable coax and more. Most of our Coax cables are available from stock. Many of these are available off the shelf from distributors. If you have a new or unusual application or you cannot find a Coax cable in this catalog section that meets your technical requirements, contact Technical Support at 1-800-BELDEN-1.

Coax Cable Shielding : Belden’s line of coaxial cable features a wide range of shielding configurations. Among the options are: Duofoil® Duofoil is a shield in which metallic foil is applied to both sides of a supporting polyester or polypropylene film. Duobond® Duobond is essentially the same construction as Duofoil (a laminated shielding tape consisting of aluminum foil/plastic film/ aluminum foil), but with an extra layer of heat-sensitive adhesive bonding the foil shield to the dielectric core. This foil shield provides 100% coverage and insures maximum shield protection. Duobond II (Foil/Braid) Combines all the features of Duobond with an outer braid applied for greater protection against interference and to increase the overall tensile strength. Duobond III (Tri-Shield) Duobond III utilizes the Duobond II design (foil/braid) plus an additional surrounding layer of Duofoil. This extra layer of foil improves shield reliability and provides an additional interference barrier. Duobond IV (Quad Shield) Duobond IV adds a second layer of braid to the Tri-Shield design (foil/braid/foil/braid). This extra layer of braid shield provides improved strength and durability. Duobond Plus® Features the same foil/braid/foil construction as Duobond II but with the addition of a shorting fold in the outermost foil. This fold prevents a slot opening from being created in the shield, thereby preventing signal egress or ingress. This unique feature creates the effect of a solid metal conduit, which improves the high-frequency performance of the cable. (See the Technical Information section of this catalog, page 16.88, for a more detailed explanation of “shorting folds.”)

Coax Cable Packaging : As with most Belden cables, several Coax cable products are available in Belden’s UnReel® cardboard dispenser. The UnReel is a unique packaging dispensing system developed by Belden to save time, cut costs and labor, and eliminate the need for dereeling equipment. Lightweight and more economical than conventional drums or reels, UnReel dispensers have pre-punched handles for easy, individual transport as well as rectangular boxes for easy pallet delivery and storage. UnReel cable pays out smoothly and evenly with no kinking, twisting, or backlashing. It also rolls out 60% faster than conventionally packaged cable.

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